Parenting Assessments

Parenting Assessment Program

The parenting assessment is a service offered by Family Prospective Resources to help assess the parenting capabilities of individuals.  The assessors employed by Family Prospective Resources are dedicated to completing a parenting assessment that reflects a full picture of the client that has come in for the parenting assessment.  To achieve this goal the parenting assessment strives to look at a complete picture of the client’s past through the use of a Genogram, assess the client’s stresses and emotional well being through the use of several assessment devices, and looks directly at the relationship between a child and the client through the use of a parent-child observation.   These elements are all brought together to form a report that highlights a client’s strengths, concerns, and provides recommendations for helping a client become a healthier parent.

The collaborative nature of reaching the recommendations is one of several true strengths of the parenting assessment offered by Family Prospective Resources.  By having more than one individual take part in the recommendation process it helps ensure that the best possible resources for the client are considered.

Family Prospective Resources is committed to the well being of the children and families of Sherburne County, and surrounding areas, and it is because of this commitment that the parenting assessment is offered as a service for clients struggling with issues of parenting.